Williamsburg, VA – HMP Properties. L.L.C.. a hotel development and management company headquartered in Williamsburg, VA. hosts’ Business After Hours at their Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites on October 16, 2008. The Holiday Inn Hotel 8. Suites located at 515 Bypass Road. Williamsburg. VA. the recent recipient of lnterContinental’s, New Comer of the Year Award hosted the event for the Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance.

There were over 100 members in attendance. The hotel hosted the event with a theme around carnivals. Chef Scheibel created a delicacy of appetizers’ and guests were entertained by a roaming magician. The magician bags of tricks included balloon designs that were a real crowd pleaser. The raffle drawing of a flat screen TV was graciously awarded to a local real-estate agent. Reeva Luecke. General Manager, says she was thrilled to host the event and have so many Alliance Members new and old attend.

The 96-room all suites hotel is Williamsburg’s newest full-service hotel which opened in September of 2006. The Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites is also known for the American Cuisine served at its restaurant, Bistro 515 created by its Chef Geoff Scheibel. Reeva Luecke prides herself with the hotels continued success and consistency with guest satisfaction. The hotel has remained in the top 10% in the over 800 hotels in North American with the Holiday Inn Flag since its opening. Ms. Luecke says “it’s all about the associates, and the teams here get it, hospitality is the key.”

HMP Properties, L.L.C is an award-winning hotel development and management company headquartered in Williamsburg, VA. Since its inception in 2004 HMP Properties have built reputable brands and maintained the highest of standards throughout its systems. The company currently owns and operates four hotels throughout Virginia with eight new locations in the pipeline scheduled to open within the next two years. HMP prides itself on well built hotels, in strong markets, with dedicated and hospitable associates who enable them to have franchises with top quality hotels such as Marriott, lnterContinental, Hilton, Choice and Carlson.