Humble Beginnings to a Flourishing Business

Coming from humble roots, Maganlal (Mags) Patel purchased its first property in 1982. A quaint, 14 unit motel, located in Newport News, Virginia, was the first venture of what would become a diverse portfolio. With nothing but 14 keys and their family of 4 to run the motel, the Patel family quickly identified a set of core values which our company continues to hold true to. Through hard work and relentless commitment to guest satisfaction, the motel quickly flourished, and its success provided the family the opportunity to acquire the Red Carpet Inn in 1985.

HMP Properties and it’s Leadership

At this time, Hitesh Patel, our CEO, attended college by day, and managed the hotel overnight. In 1987, Hitesh earned his degree from the Medical College of Virginia. As an aspiring business professional in the blossoming pharmaceutical industry, Hitesh sought a career abroad, accepting a position in Asia for a major pharmaceutical company. With the family business dependent on Hitesh’s dedication and acumen, his father would not approve of his plan to relocate. This was a critical turning point for him, as Hitesh honored his father’s wishes and remained in the U.S. Dedicating 100% of his efforts to the family business, Hitesh drove the hotel to greater success. Able to focus all of his energy and time, Hitesh transformed a struggling business, operating day to day, to a successful property under both local market and franchise metrics . Hitesh earned “Inn-Keeper of the Year” in 1996 and became a brand champion , a leader amongst the Red Carpet Inn franchise. With business booming and a strong network of loyal customers, Hitesh earned his first opportunity to build a hotel from the ground up. In 1998, Hitesh built the Sleep Inn, a 66 unit hotel. The Sleep Inn ramped up almost immediately with strong pre-opening marketing and sales efforts, helping the property to earn various awards in the brand such as the prestigious Gold Award.

The Success of HMP Properties

Since the Sleep Inn in 1998, Hitesh Patel has continued to increase his profile based upon his family’s humble roots. He started HMP Properties, the Development and Management Company in 2003, and from there has earned and developed franchise relationships with Carlson Companies, Choice Hotels, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Intercontinental Hotels Group, and Wyndham. HMP Properties still holds true to the core family principles that have driven our success and aspirations to remain true brand citizens amongst each of their properties.