WILLIAMSBURG, VA – HMP Properties, L.L.C. (HMP), a hotel management and development company headquartered in Williamsburg, VA has announced Ivy Canady as the recipient of Carlson’s National Employee of the Year. Ms. Canady, better known by her guests and fellow associates as “Ms. Ivy”, was selected out of the hundreds of employees names that were submitted to Carlson earlier this year. Ms. Ivy was flown to Los Vegas to receive her award at the National Carlson Owners Convention during the summer.


Ms. Ivy, born and raised in Newport News, VA is married to Douglas Canady and blessed with five children and eleven grandchildren. She retired in 1991 from the accounting department in Colonial Williamsburg and started in the hotel business as a hostess in 1994 to 2002 where she also received employee of the year by the management company seven times and flown to Chicago twice. James City and York County also recognized Ms. Ivy for the Hospitality Award in 1999. In November of 2006, she joined HMP at the Country Inn E: Suites on By Pass Rd in Williamsburg, VA as a breakfast hostess. Since her arrival she has collected enough addresses to fill two address books, receives over 200 Christmas cards annually from all over the world, including India, parts of Europe and Canada. She receives letters and calls weekly from those she has touched along the way. Ms. Ivy is truly an inspiration and walks the talk of Hospitality and Human Kindness. Hitesh Patel, President and CEO of HMP Properties is proud to have such a wonderful person working with his team.

HMP Properties, L.L.C is an award-winning hotel development and management company headquartered in Williamsburg, VA. Since its inception in 2004 HMP Properties have built reputable brands and maintained the highest of standards throughout its systems. The company currently owns and operates four hotels throughout Virginia with eight new locations in the pipeline scheduled to open within the next two years. HMP prides itself on well built hotels, in strong markets, with dedicated and hospitable associates who enable them to have franchises with top quality hotels such as Marriott, lnterContinental, Hilton, Choice and Carlson.